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This document details the company procedures and policy developed to ensure business continuity and safety of all staff and third parties during the COVID-19 pandemic.

All aspects of the business have been considered, non essential activities have stopped however most services provided by RCS are considered essential therefore many operations are ongoing with additional risk control measures.  These services include transportation internally (YWS) of raw product between sites, transportation of conditioned cake to agriculture, stockpile and spread of conditioned cake and the administration and maintenance of these services and equipment.

Senior management are tasked with monitoring government initiatives and policy and ensuring that this is then incorporated within company policy and procedure. Government updates as well as the World Health Organisation and Public Health England are monitored, new information is then discussed to recognise company impact and policy redesigned as necessary.  Managers then relay this direct to workers through email and confirmation phone discussion. have maintained a supervisory presence on the ground ensuring that ALL company safety procedures and standards are maintained.  Tool Box Talks and awareness training focus on relevant safety and target delivery to all workers on a monthly basis ensures that workers continue to be informed and consulted on company change.  Social distancing and controls are strictly adhered to throughout.

RCS have maintained a supervisory presence on the ground ensuring that ALL company safety procedures and standards are maintained.  Tool Box Talks and awareness training focus on relevant safety and target delivery to all workers on a monthly basis ensures that workers continue to be informed and consulted on company change.  Social distancing and controls are strictly adhered to throughout.

Where possible administration staff have been provided with the necessary equipment to work from home, this includes the transport office staff, finance and procurement.  The sales team are home based therefore working from home but travelling as necessary.  All staff report to senior management as necessary.

RCS continue to promote the necessity for quarantine and reporting of suspected contamination and support self isolation as necessary.  Workers who have been identified as vulnerable or who live with vulnerable people have again the full support of the company to stay at home.  During this time staff levels may change unpredictably; RCS have worked alongside other smaller companies and have trained their employees as our own, we therefore have a pool of trained drivers capable of covering increased demand if the necessity arises, avoidance is key and to date RCS maintain pre-covid-19 staff levels.

RCS liaise weekly with client companies to ensure full cooperation and reflective policy to ensure that the spread of covid-19 is avoided from within and externally. 

Not all individuals and companies are taking action to the levels RCS see fit, as such all employees are reminded of the stop work rule.  This is practiced whenever designed control of risk becomes ineffective through environmental, organisational, task or individual change.  This includes COVID-19, if any worker believes that a procedure to sufficiently reduce risk of infection is impractical or ineffective they should stop work immediately and report to their line manager.


Shared vehicles and machine cabs

This will be avoided as much as possible and this is the responsibility of the transport office.  Due to a seven day week demand from YWS a four on four off rotation is needed with some of our haulage fleet.  This therefore means that another employee will start work in the cab environment you are leaving.  To ensure the safety of all please ensure the following measures are taken.

All employees will be paid to decontaminate the cab at the end of their shift and to remove all personal belongings.  Disposable gloves and effective bacterial wipes will be issued to do this.

The employee starting shift will also decontaminate the cab area and be paid to do so, gloves and wipes will again be provided.

A TBT on cab hygiene has been delivered to all staff, this should ensure understanding and cooperation, if you believe that the cab has not been decontaminated then report to your line manager, do not deal with this yourself.

These rules apply to other cabs such as 360 and telehandler – do not assume you will be in the same vehicle the next day, decontaminate and remove any personal belongings.


Shared welfare facilities

YWS have welfare on site which you are free to use, ensure that social distancing is maintained therefore patiently wait for others to finish.  Locked welfare facilities should be reported to your line manager – you have every right to use them.

Report poor welfare conditions and if necessary seek alternative if you believe that they have not been cleaned to a required standard.

Some site cabins have welfare, respect social distancing and ensure all surfaces are decontaminated to a standard you would wish to find them yourself.

Mechanics and other staff such as soil samplers and sales team may need to enter the RCS yard.  Follow the above rules if welfare facilities are used.  Mechanics should rotate break times therefore reducing risk further.

All staff are to use their own cups, plates, cutlery etc and take them away when they leave.

If possible avoid all communal facilities whenever possible.


Shared tools and equipment  - mechanics

Mechanics should have individual issued hand tools which are locked and stored separately from others.  It is advised that these are also labelled to save any confusion.

All hand tools are the owners responsibility and cannot be left out when not in use.

Some machinery and heavy duty tools are communal and therefore must be decontaminated before and after use using disposable gloves and wipes.

As always – no unauthorised access is allowed in the workshop, if any third party is tasked to help then tools may be issued after decontamination procedures, this practice is to be avoided if possible.

Workstations – office equipment

Workstations and office equipment are not to be shared, at present offices are not used.

If the threat is reduced and return to work is promoted then reassessment of procedure will be made however social distancing and individual work equipment will always be promoted.

Printers and other items of communal use will be decontaminated after each use.


Outside working environment

Social distancing is a priority, ensure that two metres are maintained.  See welfare facilities, cab share and tools and equipment and follow all guidance.

Third parties from other companies and visitors may be encountered, these may not follow the same level of precaution and discipline as yourself.  Be assertive and ensure no risk to yourself,  if necessary stop work and remove yourself to a point of safety.

Report all breaches in safety standard.

Report any suspected illness on site.



Current RCS practice is avoidance of person to person office meetings.  If this changes in the future this section will be reviewed.  Suggested controls are detailed in the risk assessment to help when this takes place.

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