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Fibrophos Press Release: July 2017



Supporting British Farmers for over 25 years

As farming appears to be entering a period of increasing uncertainty it is nice to know that some of our more traditional British products are going from strength to strength.

It was 25 years ago that the first UK biomass power station was opened at Eye airfield, providing green electricity into the local grid.  At the same time Fibrophos PK fertiliser was born, offering great value phosphate and potash to local farmers. Now 1.5 million tonnes later, and with a national UK distribution network, Fibrophos is still as popular as ever, with its success down to four factors:

a) The valuable range of trace elements, which are naturally present, supplied at no extra charge

b) Dedicated local expert spreaders - who have relieved farmers of the necessary application time. 

c) The consistency and care in production which is tightly controlled under regulation.

d) FACTS qualified advice and guidance on appropriate products and application rates

With so many by-products appearing on the market, some making non-evidenced or researched claims, farmers should be particularly wary of the provenance and efficacy of the product in local agricultural soils. If in doubt make sure to ask for a statutory statement which is required to be made available with every delivery.

Fibrophos has been successfully trialled in a range of situations and the level of repeat business over the past 25 years speaks volumes. It is a tried, tested and proven product. Robinson Contract Services Ltd, who have supplied Fibrophos to East Yorkshire farmers for almost 20 years, say that the pressure on farm incomes necessitates looking at better value for money products, and heavy cropping of soils necessitates replenishing not only major nutrients but secondary and trace elements are extremely important too. It is tempting to try to cut costs but it is firmly believed that managing soils correctly is essential in maintaining a competitive edge in the years ahead.

Everyone is concerned with what the future holds but the totally UK produced Fibrophos will always be available to British farmers for many years to come.

More information including extensive trail work supporting our claims can be found on the website: