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Poultry litter, FYM, & Biosolids Spreading

The accurate and precise utilisation of on farm wastes has become more and more popular in recent years through regulatory requirements and cost saving potentials. At RCS we have being at the forefront of providing just such services for the last decade. Typical savings by utilising organic manures effectively in a crop rotation can be in the region of £200 - & £300 per hectare (RB 209 figures), depending on manure type and application rates).

We currently operate 7 x 18 tonnes Ktwo trailed spreaders connected to our fleet of 220-300hp tractors, giving a spreading capability of around 3000 – 4000 tonnes per day (although ground conditions, haulage distance and application rates affect each job individually).

Usually these machines are split into separate outfits or ‘gangs’ (3 & 4; 3 & 3 & 1, etc.) to allow for the best utilisation of manpower and machinery matched against specific job requirements.  All the fleet is fitted with the latest RDS GPS control system, allowing for new levels of precision which take into account variability of product density and weight whilst spreading and make on-the-move adjustments to the spreader operation in real time.

All of our spreaders are equipped with horizontal beaters and spinner decks to ensure that all products spread are wide and evenly, up to 24metre with certain products.                                                                                                                                       

To enable fast loading of the spreaders each outfit ‘gang’ has a dedicated JCB or CASE 12t articulated loading shovel equipment with large LGP tyres.

To assist with record keeping and audit trail requirements both ‘gangs’ have either onboard weighers on the spreader, fitted to the loader, or a combination of both.                                  


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